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Failure Cause & Origin Investigations

Forensic engineering is the investigation of materials, systems, or components that fail or do not operate or function as intended - in order to provide impartial scientific evidence for use in determining a claim or in a court of law. Common types of failure investigations include structural failures, fire and explosion investigations, product defect analysis, accident investigations, and other investigation types. Such failures or malfunctions often lead to costly insurance claims and litigation.  FIEMS Engineers provides cost effective, timely engineering support for the investigation and analysis of insurance claims, and offers expert witness testimony to the legal profession for depositions and trials.

Our forensic experts are familiar with the claims, subrogation, and litigation processes, and can help clarify the technical aspects of a cause of failure. When the need for clear, concise, and accurate reporting develops, our forensic experts utilize extensive experience, advanced skills, and technology to get you the answers that you may need in order to resolve a case or claim. 

FIEMS Engineers staff  have been providing forensic and engineering litigation support services to the legal community since 1981. We are an independent, full-service engineering consulting firm specializing in a broad range of design, analysis and testing services.


       Failure Cause & Origin Investigations